Our People

CUCM has over 70 employees working in the downtown office assisting credit unions. CUCM is a non-profit entity funded by credit unions.

Consulting Services

Consulting & People Services employs a dedicated team of qualified professionals.  We provide Business, Creative and Human Resources Consulting services to Manitoba credit unions, with a reputation for excellent service, proven results, and the tools and talent to provide your credit union with a competitive market advantage.  We provide customized services, an inside view of the credit union system, and competitive pricing that reflects centrally subsidized rates and a not-for-profit pricing model.

Treasury Services

Treasury Services manages the Manitoba credit union system’s liquidity deposits. Credit unions are required to keep a minimum of 8% of their total deposits “liquid” or easily accessible in case, for example, a member writes a big cheque or a large loan is approved for a member. The required liquidity deposits and any additional funds the credit union may have are invested in high quality investments — not the stock market — by Treasury Services. Doing it once at CUCM instead of at 40 times over at the individual credit unions provides cost savings on fees and the larger pool of funds, called the liquidity pool, allows for better interest rates.

Payment Services

Payments & Technology Services is part of the Member Solutions Division and is comprised of three different teams, Banking Operations, Clearing Operations as well as Technical Support.

The Banking Operations team provides first level customer support to all credit unions, caisses populaires and internal departments of CUCM on banking services. They perform administrative functions (back end processing) in support of the all product and services offered by Payments & Technology Services.

Clearing Operations takes place predominately on the evening and night shift where the team processes and settles financial transactions with the banks and other Centrals on behalf of credit unions. This team also is responsible for the production of credit union member statements which include the printing, inserting and delivery to Canada Post on behalf of the Credit Unions.

The Technical support team manages the design, development, testing and maintenance of payments systems that are needed by credit unions and other CUCM clients. As well they research, recommend and implement new/enhanced third-party software applications that support payments products. They are the first level of support, on a 24 x 7 basis, for both in-house developed systems and vendor developed payments products used by Payment & Technology Services and other CUCM departments as applicable.

Lending Services

Lending Services is part of the Governance & Strategy Division and includes Central Credit Committee (CCC), a regulatory body mandated under The Credit Unions & Caisses Populaires Act and Loan Administration.


The Research team conducts primary and secondary research on a variety of topics of importance to credit unions in Manitoba. The focus of our research is guided by a Research Advisory Group drawn from expertise across the credit unions we serve.

CUCM’s Research function is a part of the Governance & Strategy group at CUCM. Our purpose is to conduct a proactive and responsive cycle of research, monitoring and knowledge translation, that illuminates issues and options for credit unions and for CUCM itself.

We provide customized private research services for credit unions  and others on a variety of topics, including the following:

  • Your members: opinion or satisfaction surveys
  • Your community: opinion/ need surveys or secondary research about your community’s demographics, economy or other factors
  • Your Board: self-evaluation surveys
  • Any other information needs: customized research of all kinds
Compliance, Risk & Governance

Credit unions are highly regulated organizations, subject to legislation and regulations at the provincial, national and international levels. CUCM provides value resources to them across a broad range in the areas of risk, compliance and fraud mitigation.

Communication & Engagement

CUCM monitors, gathers, co-ordinates and communicates information of importance to CUCM and Manitoba credit unions.


Manuals works with Subject Matter Experts throughout CUCM and the system to provide, to Manitoba credit unions, policies and procedures in the areas of:

  • Personnel
  • Banking & Payments
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Savings & Deposit Accounts
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Consumer Credit
  • Mortgage Credit
  • Commercial & Agricultural Credit

Manuals also provides one-on-one support to Manitoba credit unions and the caisse.

CUCM Work Environment

CUCM is proud of its positive work environment. We are proud to support many community initiatives, including a green office initiative.

See our CUCM Community Engagement page for more information about the causes we support.

Location and Parking

Located right behind Mountain Equipment Co-Op between Ellice Ave. and Portage Ave., CUCM is within walking distance of many restaurants and eateries as well as shopping destinations.

CUCM has an underground parkade for employees, and there are many other parking facilities located within walking distance as well as easy access to many bus routes.


CUCM offers comprehensive benefits packages for employees.


If you are interested in obtaining a position with CUCM, visit the Credit Union Careers page to see if there are any positions available that you may qualify for.