CUCM Services

CUCM is the trade association for Manitoba’s credit unions, and is owned co-operatively by the Credit Unions of Manitoba. Each Credit Union is an autonomous organization with its own Board. CUCM’s Board is comprised of representatives of the Manitoba Credit Union system. Credit Unions are co-operatives owned by their members, and CUCM is itself a co-operative, owned in turn by its member credit unions.

As a trade organization, CUCM exists to provide services to credit unions. CUCM manages liquidity reserves, monitors credit granting procedures, and provides numerous consulting and financial services to credit unions.

Some of the other services CUCM provides to credit unions include:

  • Advocacy
  • Government relations
  • Banking & clearing
  • Treasury
  • Corporate governance
  • Strategic business and HR consulting
  • Human resources outsourcing
  • Communications & marketing
  • Planning, research and change services

Visit the Our People page for more information about the departments CUCM has and the services they provide.