CUCM History


Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the first credit union trade association in North America, is formed. Madison, Wisconsin is chosen as the site for CUNA headquarters.

Manitoba Premier John Bracken


Manitoba Premier John Bracken signs an amendment to the Companies Act, establishing the first legislation governing credit unions.



Manitoba’s first credit union is chartered in St. Malo (it later became a caisse populaire).


U.S.-based CUNA amends its bylaws to allow membership of credit union leagues anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.


Manitoba credit unions found their first provincial organization – the Credit Union Federation of Manitoba. The Federation joins CUNA’s International Association of Credit Union Leagues and is closely aligned with CUNA in terms of information, forms, publications and procedures.


Fifteen credit unions join together to found Manitoba Central Credit Union to provide financing services (liquidity pooling).


Act to incorporate Co-operative Credit Society of Manitoba (CCSM) Limited passes in legislature. CCSM brings the Credit Union Federation of Manitoba (promotion, education, public relations, group buying, field services, etc.) and the Manitoba Central Credit Union (financing/liquidity pooling) together under one organization.


Twenty affiliated caisses populaires leave CCSM to join la Caisse Centrale de St. Boniface (later la Fédération des Caisses Populaires du Manitoba.


Canadian Co-operative Credit Society Limited (Credit Union Central of Canada), an umbrella organization for provincial co-operative credit societies, is incorporated.


Credit Union League of Manitoba incorporated. Its function is similar to the former CU Federation of Manitoba. Its bylaws state that the main managerial employee of the League and CCSM be one and the same person. CCSM contracts staff, administration and office space from the League.


Credit Union Financial Services Ltd. (and CUFS Loan Corporation) formed as subsidiary of CCSM to provide members with mortgage financing.


CCSM moves to 171 Donald Street (the Crosstown Credit Union building, renamed The Credit Union Building), vacating space shared with League at 191 Provencher Blvd.


The Credit Union Building at 171 Donald is expanded. CU League, CUNA Mutual and other affiliates move in.

Cent. Finance Division 171 Donald St. 1974-5
Central Finance Division 171 Donald St. 1974-5


World Council of Credit Unions is founded.

Credit Union League renamed League Services and operates as subsidiary of CCSM.



CCSM Board 19791979

Assets of CU Financial Services are transferred to the parent company, CCSM; League Services are also moved into CCSM proper.

Amalgamated CCSM moves into new office tower at 215 Garry Street.

Photo: CCSM Board, 1979. L to R: Cecil Semchyshyn, District 7; Elliott Horner, District 3; Ralph Guenther, District 1; Oli Sigurdson, District 5; Leo Jacques, District 6; Bob Jackson, District 10; Charles James, District 4; Carl Christensen, District 9; Rene N., District 8. Missing: Henry Wiebe, District 2.


Co-operative Credit Society of Manitoba legally renamed Credit Union Central of Manitoba.


Credit Union Central of Manitoba moves into new, custom-built building at 317 Donald Street.

Building CUCM


Credit Union Central of Manitoba is thriving at 317 Donald.

Credit unions have been successful in this province for over 80 years by focusing on the needs of their members and their communities. For its part, Credit Union Central (CUCM) contributes to credit unions’ success by working to become their trusted and valued partner, respected thought leader, source of support and provider of creative solutions.