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Credit Union Central of Manitoba is the trade association for Manitoba’s 28 credit unions, providing services in areas of capital and financial management, banking services, product and service research and development, consulting and representation and advocacy.

More information on Credit Union Central of Manitoba can be found in our annual reports.

Credit Union Central Annual Reports

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Credit Union Central of Manitoba
  1. The Credit Unions and Caisses Populaires Act requires that all provincial credit unions belong to Credit Union Central of Manitoba.
  2. Manitoba credit unions jointly own Central; representatives from nine provincial districts sit on its board of directors.
  3. Credit Union Central of Manitoba is financed through fees and income derived through its operations and levies based on individual credit unions’ assets and/or membership.
  4. Through Central, Manitoba credit unions share cheque clearing, data processing, investments and loans, training and education, marketing and research, government liason. They also call upon Central’s consulting services in areas such as technology, business development, and agricultural and business lending.
  5. Provincial Centrals in every province collectively own and control Credit Union Central of Canada, located in Mississauga, Ontario, which performs, at the federal level, similar functions as provincial Centrals.
Further information can be obtained directly from CUCM:

(204) 985-4785 – John Hamilton
(204) 805-1156 – Jim Harris
(204) 949-0217 – Communications Fax – Communications E-mail