CUCM Community Engagement

CUCM’s corporate giving is driven by decisions its employees make – as individuals and as a group through staff club events and the United Way/All Charities Campaign – about their own philanthropy. CUCM matches employee donations to organizations whose aims are consistent with CUCM’s core values and the spirit of Co-op Principle #7, Concern for Community. Through matching, employees and CUCM have contributed $1.28 million over the past 10 years—including nearly $170,000 in 2017—to organizations that have a broad range of goals.

CUCM exposes employees to community organizations by inviting them to speak prior to CUCM staff meetings. And, by adding a Community Leadership & Engagement score to the company balanced scorecard, CUCM incents employees to donate time to organizations’ ongoing activities or special projects.

IN 2017:

$84,766 CORPORATE MATCH (includes $6,033 of in-kind giving)

In 2017, the following causes were supported by CUCM Employee Giving and Community Service: