Why We’re Successful

Credit unions in Manitoba are successful for many reasons, but the number one reason is because they are different. With a credit union, you’re a member – not a number.

We’re Here to Stay
Credit unions in Manitoba were founded and built by people who used them. They’ve continued to grow because more and more people all the time are becoming members.
blue fieldAs long as Manitobans want credit unions, credit unions are here to stay.

Today, credit unions provide service to more Manitobans than any other financial institution, through branches and an extensive ATM network.

And because each credit union is governed by a local board of directors – decisions are made right in the communities they serve – not at a head office in another province.

We Serve Manitobans

Aerial View of HarvestThere are twice as many credit union locations in Manitoba as any other financial institution, and in many of the communities in which they operate, a credit union is the only financial institution providing financial services to area residents, producers and business people.

Credit unions provide direct employment, in good jobs, to thousands of Manitobans.

We Support Manitoba Communities… Our Communities

As key participants on economic development associations, credit unions help bring projects, services and jobs to communities throughout the province.

Fun on the frozen river, The Forks, Winnipeg, ManitobaCredit unions also contribute to the community in terms of scholarships and bursaries, support to community initiatives, donations to charity and in-kind donations and reduced or eliminated fees for non-profits and other groups dedicated to community development. They also spend millions every year on new branches and improvements, using local firms and materials.

We Understand Small Business

feeding bunksManitoba credit unions are the number one lender to small- and medium-sized business in Manitoba. When asked, SME owners are most satisfied with credit unions. Credit unions also recognize a good opportunity when they see one and get together from time to time to fund major projects with major potential – like the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg.

It Pays to Become a Member

Dock on Northern Manitoba lakeThe more business you conduct at your credit union, the larger your reward. In terms of profit sharing, Manitoba credit unions return millions to members each year in the form surplus shares and cash — and millions more in the form of reduced or eliminated fees, lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on deposits.