About Credit Union Central of Manitoba (CUCM)

Our Mission and Purpose

CUCM serves Manitoba’s credit unions by providing leadership and ensuring the delivery of high value products and services that help them achieve their vision.

Every day, we:

  • Help Manitoba credit unions meet their strategic and operational business needs;
  • Represent and advocate for Manitoba credit unions, globally, nationally and locally; and
  • Promote co-operative principles and facilitate co-operative action.
Our Vision for the future is that:

CUCM building with flagManitoba Credit Unions see CUCM as their trusted and valued partner and a respected thought leader. They consider CUCM to be their first source of support, information and service.

CUCM is a source of creative solutions that contribute to credit union success and an outstanding promoter of credit union and co-operative values to Manitobans.

CUCM works at all levels of the system to help credit unions embrace co-operation, and to foster the development of common tools and approaches that will help credit unions respond to where the industry is heading. With an eye on developing the expertise needed by credit unions in today’s changing financial services industry, CUCM is also working to access, build and share knowledge in the areas of environmental analysis, policy and regulatory changes, technology opportunities and risks, and consumer demands and opinions.

Our Statement of Values

We believe in:

Respect for people — We value all individuals and treat people equitably.
Integrity — We are reliable in our word, honouring commitments and promises.
Excellence — We pursue the best possible outcomes in all that we do.
Service — We take pride in providing outstanding service to our members and other clients.
Community — We value community service and leadership as a contribution to healthy, vibrant communities.
Innovation — We innovate with products, services and approaches that help credit unions succeed.
Collaboration — We value: a consultative relationship with our members, a participative relationship among employees and a collaborative relationship with system partners (provincially, regionally and nationally).

Credit Union Central of Manitoba is the trade association and service provider for the province’s 27 autonomous credit unions.

CUCM manages liquidity reserves, monitors credit granting procedures and provides trade services in areas such as corporate governance, government relations, representation and advocacy. CUCM also provides payment and settlement systems, treasury, human resources, research, communications, marketing, planning, lending, product/service R & D, and business consulting services to credit unions.

We have support aligned to credit unions’ needs, including the Deposit Guarantee standards. We also offer consulting services to credit unions in Manitoba and outside Manitoba.

Manitoba credit unions jointly own CUCM, and representatives from six peer groups sit on its board of directors. CUCM is financed through assessments and fee income derived through its operations.


CUCM is not a credit union, so please direct any questions related to deposit or lending 317-Donaldrates, products, services and accounts directly to your credit union or prospective credit union. To find a credit union, click here. If you have questions regarding this site, the benefits of membership or anything else of a general nature to do with credit unions, contact us here. A CUCM representative will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Please direct any questions about the 100% deposit guarantee to the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

Manitoba Credit Union Ombudsman

If you require assistance in dealing with an issue with a Manitoba credit union, you may contact our Ombudsman service.