2017 Order of Merit winner provided strong leadership

Earlier this month, Manitoba credit unions recognized the latest entrant into the Manitoba Credit Unions Order of Merit.

The Manitoba Credit Union Order of Merit award recognizes individuals who, by their exemplary service, their leadership and their commitment to the Seven International Co-operative Principles, have demonstrated a significant commitment to Manitoba credit unions and the communities in which they operate.

As part of the award, recipients have the honour of selecting a Manitoba secondary or post-secondary educational institution and faculty or program to receive a $1,000 bursary to award to a student based on achievement, need or other criteria.

This year’s recipient was Peter Enns, the former CEO of Crosstown Civic Credit Union, who provided exemplary service to Manitoba’s financial co-operative system throughout his career. …Read more about Peter.

The Order of Merit Selection Committee comprises two representatives chosen by credit union directors and two chosen by credit union senior managers.