2016 Order of Merit winners show our best side

Late last month, Manitoba credit unions recognized four individuals who, throughout their careers as employees or directors, provided exemplary service to Manitoba’s financial co-operative system.

The Manitoba Credit Union Order of Merit award recognizes individuals who, by their exemplary service, their leadership and their commitment to the Seven International Co-operative Principles, have demonstrated a significant commitment to Manitoba credit unions and the communities in which they operate.

This year’s recipients were, as they are every year, highly deserving of the honour.

  • Margaret Day’s 28 years of service began with her election to the board of Buffalo Credit Union. She was most recently the Chair of Assiniboine Credit Union. …Read more about Margaret.
  • Harry Bowler served on innumerable system and management committees over his 31-year career as a General Manager at the helm of an expanding network of credit unions in Southwest Manitoba. …Read more about Harry.
  • John Klassen’s career encompassed all manner of jobs with credit unions and the regulator, followed by more years of system board service. …Read more about John.
  • Michael Taylor, throughout his 35-year career, displayed a high level of commitment and dedication to the cooperative principals, particularly ‘cooperation among cooperatives’. His commitment earned WPCU the reputation as a “go-to” organization on new policies and practices.  …Read more about Mike.

As part of the award, recipients have the honour of selecting a Manitoba secondary or post-secondary educational institution and faculty or program to receive a $1,000 bursary to award to a student based on achievement, need or other criteria.

The Order of Merit Selection Committee comprises two representatives chosen by credit union directors and two chosen by credit union senior managers.