Credit Union Testimonials

“For me the biggest benefit of credit unions is the friendly touch, something banks lost a long time ago. They take your story and life on board and look at you as a person.”

Imelda May Irish rockabilly & blues singer; lifelong credit union member

“Credit unions serve people, not profit. They provide a friendly financial community where members mutually benefit from advice, as well as savings accounts and loans… I believe credit unions can change the way we talk and think about savings and loans. They can encourage those who have the means to save, and bring in from the cold those vulnerable people who struggle to qualify for loans. I opened a Credit Union account with my local branch [in 2013].  The simple fact being that if more of us support them by opening savings accounts, they will be able to offer more loans to those who really need them.  And as people discover how well they work for all their members, the word will spread and the momentum will grow… I do believe credit unions could be a real force for change in the financial landscape and are truly a cause worth championing.”

Camilla Parker-Bowles HRH Duchess of Cornwall

“Cooperatives are a reminder to the international community that it is possible to pursue both economic viability and social responsibility.”

Ban Ki-moon UN Secretary-General

“Credit unions are essential. We are trying to build a new financial sector in [the United Kingdom]; it’s going to take a long time, but this is the churches putting our money where our mouth is – and it’s a tribute to the priority that this has that we have the churches from around the United Kingdom here today. This is a major step to say that over time the credit union sector is a viable sector, not just in the poorest areas but for everyone. It adds to the ways in which the church is engaging with issues of poverty in this country very actively, and in a very focused and decisive way. That is an important step – it’s not just saying such-and-such ought to happen; it’s saying it ought to happen and we’re going to be part of it.”

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury Welby spoke at the launch of Churches Mutual Credit Union in London, England. There will be at least 60,000 people eligible to bank with the Churches Mutual Credit Union (CMCU), including ministers, employees and trustees of the churches involved. (For more information, visit

“At a time of increasing bank fees, increasing ATM fees, increasing credit card fees, increasing minimum balance requirements, and the loss of many locally-owned banks to large, multi-billion dollar corporate institutions, credit unions today are more important than they have ever been… I make no apologies for being a strong supporter of credit unions. I want to see credit unions grow because they are good for the state of Vermont, and they are good for America. Congress chartered credit unions not only to help people of modest means, but to give ordinary Americans a not-for-profit alternative to for-profit banks.”

American Senator Bernie Sanders Democratic Presidential Hopeful

“Not having to pay (monthly) fees is a huge deal. I haven’t paid any fees in the six years I’ve been with (Coast Capital Savings) beyond a one-time $5 membership when I first joined. I’ve been saving about $200 per year, but the reason I’ll never go back to a bank is really due to the service I get at my credit union.”

Cait Flanders Victoria-based personal finance blogger from